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You will find below my reading list for 2009.  You might call it my bibliography for the year.  I have tried to start the list out with things that people would find the most interesting, which for the readers of this blog I think would be the “average joe” section and “church leadership”.  However, for the resident theology nerds you will find a reading list for Biblical theology and exegetical works, as well as theological readings (primary and secondary) from the Patristic period all the way to the modern.  If I felt that a comment might be helpful, or if I wanted to strongly recommend a book I left my remarks next to the bibliograhical information in bold.  If you have any questions about the books themselves I would be happy to answer them.  Enjoy!  To see the list simply click through… (more…)

“The Fear of the Lord” (Mal 4.1-6)

Posted: September 17, 2009 by limabean03 in Biblical Studies, Malachi, Uncategorized

preached by Iain Boyd on Sept 6th 2009

preached by Iain Boyd on Aug 30, 2009
preached by Rob Sturdy on Aug 23

I thought this was absolutely wonderful on a number of levels.  We are blessed to have such a fine minister of God’s word at Trinity. 

Preached by Iain Boyd on Aug 16th 2009