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See what Matt Chandler had to say on the subject, as well as sports, plastic surgery, and cash while speaking at the 2008 Resurgence conference. 

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READ THE WHOLE THING!!!  From Luther’s Commentary on Galatians ch. 3 vs. 13:  “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree.”
what did Christ take on?

what did Christ take on?


Paul does not say that Christ was made a curse for Himself. The accent is on the two words “for us.” Christ is personally innocent. Personally, He did not deserve to be hanged for any crime of His own doing. But because Christ took the place of others who were sinners, He was hanged like any other transgressor. The Law of Moses leaves no loopholes. It says that a transgressor should be hanged. Who are the other sinners? We are. The sentence of death and everlasting damnation had long been pronounced over us. But Christ took all our sins and died for them on the Cross. “He was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.” (more…)

“It is clear that in Paul’s own mind the case of Abraham (receiving righteousness through faith) provides an obvious parallel to that of the Galatians (receiving the Spirit through hearing and believing the gospel and not by keeping the law). In other words, Paul takes it for granted that Abraham’s being justified by faith proves that the Galatians must have received the Spirit by faith also; and this argument from Scripture falls to the ground unless the reception of the Spirit is in some sense equated with justification.  For if this were not so, it could be objected that even though Abraham was indeed justified by faith, it does not necessarily follow that reception of the Spirit also has to be dependent on faith; conceivably while justification is by faith the gift of the Spirit could be conditioned on works.  We may take it, then, that Paul conceives of receiving the Spirit in such close connection with justification that the two can be regarded in some sense as synonymous, so that in the Galatians’ receiving the Spirit their justification was also involved. (more…)

A proper spiritual attitude

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“The spiritual attitude of a man, who is conscious that in himself he has no strength, and no hope of a future, and who nevertheless casts himself upon, and lives by, the word of God which assures him of a future, is the necessarily and eternally right attitude of all souls to God. He whose attitude it is, is at bottom right with God.”

-James Denny

Here are a collection of sermons preached by Pastor John Piper, of Bethlehem Baptist Church (home of one of our visiting Campus Outreach groups).  Click the title of the passage you are interested in.  If you only have time for a few, I would recommend the first, third and fourth (in that order). 

Gal 3.1-5: Can you begin in the Spirit and be completed by the flesh?  (great message)

Gal 3.6-9: The children of faith are the sons of Abraham

Gal 3.10-14: Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law

Gal 3.15-18: The Law does not annul the promise

Gal 3.19-22: Why then the Law?

Gal 3.22-29: If you are Christ’s you are heirs of the promise

check it out here



“But, sir, what can I do? I am nothing but a father at home; I am so full of business, I can only see my children a little.” But in your business, do you ever have any servants? “No; I am a servant myself.” You have fellow-servants? “No; I work alone.” Do you work alone, then, and live alone, like a monk in a cell? I don’t believe that. But you have fellow-servants at work; cannot you say a word to their conscience? “I don’t like to intrude religion into business.” Quite right, too; so say I; when I am at business, let it be business; when you are at religion, let it be religion. But do you never have an opportunity? Why, you cannot go into an omnibus, or a railway carriage, but what you can say something for Jesus Christ. I have found it so, and I don’t believe I am different from other people. Cannot do anything? Cannot you put a tract in your hat, and drop it where you go? Cannot you speak a word to a child? Where does this man come from, that cannot do anything? (more…)