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Faith in Terms of Union with Christ

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good blog post from Desiring God here’s just a bit:


So the good news of what it means to be “in Christ” must be combined with the good news of how one can be “in Christ.” Spirit-granted faith is the means that brings us into the glorious reality of union with Jesus. Faith is not the end and it is not our hope. Faith is the embracing, not the thing that is itself embraced.

Calvin says it this way in Institutes III.XI.7,

We compare faith to a kind of vessel; for unless we come empty and with the mouth of our soul open to seek Christ’s grace, we are not capable of receiving Christ. From this it is to be inferred that, in teaching that before his righteousness is received Christ is received in faith, we do not take the power of justifying away from Christ.


read the whole thing here

The whole sermon is very long , but worth the read.

read it all here.


What are you afraid of, that you dare not venture your soul upon Christ? Are you afraid that he cannot save you, that he isnot strong enough to conquer the enemies of your soul? Buthow can you desire one stronger than “the almighty God”? as Christ is called, Isaiah 9:6. Is there need of greater than infinitestrength? Are you afraid that he will not be willing to stoop solow as to take any gracious notice of you? But then, look on him, as he stood in the ring of soldiers, exposing his blessedface to be buffeted and spit upon by them! Behold him boundwith his back uncovered to those that smote him! And behold him hanging on the cross! Do you think that he that had condescension enough to stoop to these things, and that for his crucifiers, will be unwilling to accept of you, if you come to him? Or, are you afraid that if he does accept you, that God the Father will not accept of him for you? But consider, will God reject his own Son, in whom his infinite delight is, and has been,from all eternity, and who is so united to him, that if he should reject him he would reject himself?


To know that from eternity my Maker, foreseeing my sin, foreloved me and resolved to save me, though it would be at the cost of Calvary; to know that the divine Son was appointed from eternity to be my Savior, and that in love he became man for me and died for me and now lives to intercede for me and will one day come in person to take me home; to know that the Lord ‘who loved me and gave himself for me’ (Gal 2:20) and who ‘came and preached peace’ to me through his messengers (Eph. 2:17) has by his Spirit raised me from spiritual death to life-giving union and communion with himself, and has promised to hold me fast and never let me go – this is knowledge that brings overwhelming gratitude and joy.      – Dr. J.I. Packer

Everybody has a King. Who’s yours?

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preached by Rob Sturdy on Nov 22, 2010

Below is a helpful little post about leading family devotions. I particularly enjoyed Justin’s suggestions for different children’s Bibles. Note that Justin is talking about what’s best for him, make sure as you step into the discipline of family devotions that you don’t get locked into something that doesn’t work for you or your family. Keep flexible. Nevertheless, you have to start somewhere. You’ll never know what works and what doesn’t until you’ve put your hand to the plow.

At 7:15PM we all start winding down and I tell the kids: “15 more minutes of ____, and then it’s 7:30PM.” My kids know exactly what I mean. At 7:30PM it’s Bible time. We all gather in the living room (if we’re not there already); we get the Bible; and the kids pile on my lap. For the longest time we read the ESV Illustrated Family Bible. This Bible uses the actual ESV text but the stories are selective and the images are great and colorful. Recently, we began using The Early Readers Bible only because Jonas received it as a Christmas gift. This is a great Bible too, but it’s not the actual ESV text, which I prefer. It’s a Bible written for young readers. Our 5 year old can blast through this easily, and sometimes I’ll let him read during our devotional time, though rarely. At this stage I think it’s important for me to lead this time and shepherd them as I read aloud. The great thing about The Early Readers Bible is the questions after each section. Very helpful. Dads, it’s important for you to call the family together. Don’t force mom to keep looking at her watch, to always be waiting for you, to nag you to get started. Call the family together. Get the Bible. Know where/what you’re reading. Lead your family. Wives, this may be new or unfamiliar for many dads. Go easy on him. Encourage him. Honor his leadership. Don’t undermine. Don’t criticize. Model respect and love for your children to see. And remember, the kids are watching.

7. Questions & Answers

After we read a section of Scripture I ask questions. I ask questions about the story, about the characters, about the doctrines or themes within the story, about applying the text to the real life of 5- and 3-year-olds. In addition to asking questions about the text itself, our children also memorize the Small Children’s Catechism by Chris Schlect. I cannot overstate the importance of catechism in the home. Someone has said, “Preaching without catechism is like building a house without pouring a foundation.” So true. Other helpful resources are The Big Book of Questions and Answers (Sinclair Ferguson), My 1st Book of Questions and Answers (Carine Mackenzie), and Big Truths for Young Hearts(Bruce Ware).

8. Family Prayer

Then we all pray. We take prayer requests (this is important because the kids need to see dad asking mom how he can pray for her). And each of us pray. Sometimes I ask the kids to pray for certain things. Sometimes I ask the older to pray for the younger. Sometimes they want to say the Lord’s Prayer (which means you need to help them memorize it when they’re two or three). Sometime it’s random. Moms and dads, you need to guard this time so that the children don’t grow to despise it. This needs to be an encouraging, graceful, loving, fun, sometimes silly, patient, and fruitful time. Be honest with one another. Teach your kids how to care, how to be sensitive to others’ needs, how to articulate what they’re feeling. Make disciples.

you’re going to want to check out the whole thing here

In the month of December a tsunami of human bodies will flood the local malls, outlets, and toy stores. Even (if not especially!) Christians will be swept away by the human tidal wave that characterizes the Christmas rush. But what if there’s more to Dec 25th than the latest e-reader or smart phone? What if there are greater things to anticipate than what’s under the tree? What if there was a gift out there so satisfying you would never need anything ever again? Come find out what we mean. Our new series, “The Gift” starts Sunday Nov 28th at Trinity Church.

The Gift Part I (Gen 1.1-27) Preached by Rob Sturdy on Nov 28th

The Gift Part II (Gen 1.31-2.17) Preached by Iain Boyd on Dec 5th




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