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Transcript from a conversation in a youtube video here, between a young man and Paul Washer.

Some people say, “well, what God does is He draws us to a certain point and then gives us a choice.”

There’s a problem. If God only illuminates the mind of the sinner then the more the sinner sees God, the more he’s going to hate Him.

So He not only illuminates the mind, He changes the heart.

With a new heart, for the first time you want Jesus and say, “I love Him and am irresistibly drawn to Him. I want Him more than anything.”

That’s what it is.

(transcript typed up by John Sampson read the whole conversation here)

What is total depravity? Part I

Posted: July 15, 2010 by limabean03 in Total Depravity

Perhaps you know this about me but I enjoy a good laugh.  I’m introducing a new category here at AwakeningGrace called “What is total depravity?”  Rather than explain the doctrine of total depravity, or even link to a site that explains it, I thought I would just show it to you in a series of videos.  Judging from the endless supply of stupid videos on the internet, I think this new category has some real potential.  Don’t take this too seriously.  It’s meant for a good laugh.  There is so much to make fun of in the video below that there isn’t enough paper in the world to write about it.  Enjoy.