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A question and responses from New City Catechism. Our church plant small groups are going through these this year. Didn’t know about our church plant ? Check out the website :

On Oct 6, 2009 Coastal Carolina University held a “take back the night” march. For those of you who don’t know, “take back the night” is a rally to raise awareness about sexual violence. Trinity Church Myrtle Beach, New Life Church Carolina Forest (Trinity’s Church Plant), and Experience the Life Campus Ministries partnered together to support Coastal Carolina’s “take back the night” march.  I’m grateful to be involved in Christian ministries that are as passionate about preaching the Gospel as they are about contributing to the physical welfare of others.

Not only were we happy to partner with these groups to raise awareness for a very important issue, but we are hopeful that it will open the door for us to support students at Coastal as well as partner with them to make positive contributions to our local community. I’m very excited to see the fruit this will bear in the coming months and would ask you to pray specifically for this initiative with C.C.U.  Be sure to check out the post directly above this one to see an article from the local news as well as a video interview with me.  To go straight to the interview click here.

students gather at the bell tower for the take back the night rally

students gather at the bell tower for the take back the night rally

are you ready to serve at family movie night at the farm?

are you ready to serve at family movie night at the farm?

Some of you will remember a post here discussing a possible way to plant the Carolina Forest church by renting out a coffee shop and starting up the church from there. It turned out that this was a bit cost restrictive. Thankfully, the Lord has given us an even better option! “The Farm”, a farm themed development in Carolina Forest has invited us to begin hosting family events for them beginning in September. As some of you may know, “The Farm” is adjacent to our property in Carolina Forest. This is a great way for us to get to know our neighbors, as well as to begin to serve that community by creating safe, fun, family friendly environments for them. Perhaps in time, we may have some families wish to sponsor an intro to Christianity or a Gospel class but for now we are simply looking forward to serving them by hosting a family night.

We will be needing volunteers to help us coordinate and run this special event. Our first family night at “The Farm” begins on Sept 27, at 6:00 p.m. We will be needing a crew to volunteer with setup and serving from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Please consider prayerfully whether or not God is calling you to this important mission. Volunteer sign up sheets will be made available starting this Sunday.

Are you ready to get started?

Eight years ago some men and women of foresight bought eight acres of land in one of the most rapidly developing areas in the entire state of South Carolina.  This area is known as “Carolina Forest” and it is, strategically speaking, a key tract of land for the mission of the church.

In thinking through how we would utilize that land, it occurred to some of us who’ve turned our thoughts across the waterway that now was the time to think radical thoughts about church and church planting before we even began to talk about breaking ground.  Demographics are important.  Carolina Forest is populated by young families, first time home buyers, a significant population of snow-bird retirees, and college students.  The college students are perhaps the most interesting, not because of who they are but how they got there.  Carolina Forest is about a ten minute drive from Coastal Carolina University.  Entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on a booming college population have begun to purchase houses and condos and rent them out to college students. 

So how are we going to reach these people with the Gospel? (more…)