About A Glorious Revolution

Welcome here!

A Glorious Revolution is the web log of Iain Boyd, Senior Pastor of Trinity Church in Myrtle Beach.  The purpose of this blog is to assert a Gospel Centered view not only of the Christian life but also of Anglicanism.  The Anglican Church was started when brave men and women were convicted of the truth of the Gospel and called for reform in their churches.  Historically, our churches foundational commitment to the Gospel has ebbed and flowed, but it is our opinion that Anglicanism stands or falls on the pure Gospel of Jesus.  The current divides in Anglicanism seem to be over the cultural tides of conservativism and liberalism.  The Gospel is a third way that transcends these categories.  Jesus is more radical than the liberals and more moral than the conservatives.  So, we seek to call the Anglican church back to a Gospel centered life that transforms the world starting in Myrtle Beach.  In this blog you’ll see frequent posts from reformers both within Anglicanism and without, modern and ancient, commentary on news in the worldwide Anglican Communion, as well as my own musings on film, culture, politics, religion, music and much more.  I am happy to report that my good friend, Sami Al Taher will continue to post  material here that has stirred his heart to a more radical commitment to Jesus and His Gospel.  We will also continue to post material pertinent to Trinity Church under the categories tab “Trinity Tidings.”

  1. Naomi Hill says:

    Rob! I just found this – I am so impressed you are doing this! but would be more impressed if i got to speak to you once in a while 😉
    Naomi x

  2. chey40 says:

    I like the new format… proud of you

  3. Greg Goebel says:

    Hey Rob+, I heard you preach about a year ago while visiting my in-laws out that way. Appreciated your sermon that day and love the blog – very helpful. I also serve as a “young” Rector (AMiA) and keep a blog at http://www.bullstreetblog.com as well as a parish blog at blog.resurrectionwoodstock.org. Next time we are out that way I’d love to see if you have time to get some coffee. We will probably be visiting again in the spring. Love to hear your thoughts on improving my blog if you have time. Advent Blessings, Greg+

  4. Dear Rob,

    I thought that you might be interested in the C.S. Lewis Society but I do not have an email address for you.

    Best regards,


    David J. Theroux
    Founder and President
    C. S. Lewis Society of California
    100 Swan Way, Suite 200
    Oakland, CA 94621-1428
    (510) 635-6892 Phone
    (510) 568-6040 Fax

  5. David says:


    Thanks for the recommendation of my blog (Urban Resurgence). It’s awesome to see the Lord’s grace in varying contexts!

    Grace & Peace,


  6. Mark98 says:

    I can appreciate your feelings. ,

  7. Bruce says:

    Thanks for recommending our E100 as a reading schedule. We appreciate your desire to have everyone read the Bible regularly.

  8. Bill Somogyi says:

    Wow!!! Just watched Todd Schmidtetter do a great job of preaching. Todd is a number one draft pick of Trinity Church, Myrtle Beach.
    Thanks for the web page.
    Bill Somogyi
    Pittsburgh, PA

  9. Sibyl says:

    “…28 year old senior pastor…”

    So… how old is the junior pastor?

  10. doulos tou Theou says:


    27 i think

    Senior in context here just means head Pastor.

  11. Marce Smith says:

    So exciting to find a church with a message like this one. I’ve only visited a couple of times but will surely be back. God is really at work here!

  12. Charlene says:

    Thanks again! You have great stuff on here, I signed up to see more 🙂

  13. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting the quiz. I stopped by your site and enjoyed browsing around.

  14. Susie Hudson says:

    I’m so proud of you and proud that I can say I knew you when!!!!! Susie

  15. Marilyn Goff says:

    Congrats Rob we love you and praise God for His work through you!!!

  16. Compline King says:

    Straight out of Compline…
    Check it out man it’ll remind you of the Wycliffe days.

  17. Are you always 29 years old? Ha! Ha!

  18. loyebuck says:

    Although I enjoy reading Trinity-supported blogs, I had not registered until today. Thank you for your work; it hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

    Loye Buck
    Madison, Alabama
    (In NMB for the week)

  19. Eric says:

    Who founded the Anglican church? What were his redeeming virtues that you follow?

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