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Importance of personal evangelism

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from a blog post here , an opening quote read by Clint Clifton at a seminar on Evangelism. The Quote is from a sermon by Edward Payson.

What is below is an edited version of the end of his sermon.. with some words changed to modernize it.


I cannot, must not, however, conclude, without addressing a word, my professing friends, to you.  And I hope you will bear with me, if, in view of such a subject as this, I address you with obvious severity.

We all deserve damnation, a thousand times, for our stupid insensibility to the situation of those, who are perishing around us.  We profess to believe the word of God; but can you prove that you believe it?  Do you act, as if you believed it?  Do you believe that many of your acquaintances, your children, are in danger of the fate, which has been so vividly described in the bible?

Dare you go to God, and say, Lord, I believe thy word, I believe that all your warnings and threats will be fulfilled… and then, as if I believed nothing… turn away, and coolly pursue my worldly business, without uttering one agonizing cry for those, who are exposed to this danger?  Dare you go and claim relationship to Christ, and profess to have his Spirit, and then make no effort, or only a few faint efforts, to save those, for whom he shed not tears only, but blood?
Here is what I have to say to you…  go, inconsistent, cruel, hard-hearted professors; go, slumber over the ruin of immortal souls; wrap yourself up in your selfish temporal interests, and say, I have no time to spare for rescuing others from everlasting burnings.  Go, wear out your life in acquiring property for your children, and leave their souls to perish in the fire that never shall be quenched.  Go, adorn their bodies, and banish from their minds if possible… the knowledge of such a wicked disease… .and leave in their chest that immortal worm, which will gnaw them forever.  And when God asks, where is your child? your brother? your friend? Reply, with the irreverent Cain, I know not, I care not: am I his keeper?

Say, then, Christian, do you believe that Christ died to save you from the misery, which I have so imperfectly  described?  Dost thou believe, that if he had not loved you and given himself for you, the gnawing worm and the unquenchable fire would have been your portion forever?  O then, where is thy gratitude, thy love?

It is expressed in the act of becoming a witness of Jesus Christ to those who are melting into hell around you.


Edward Payson was a 18th century congregational pastor in New England, during the second great awakening. “National Preacher” Volume 35, Issue 8 on page 245.


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Urgency of men and women repenting and believing now

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Sinclair Ferguson teaching on Universalism and eternal punishment

Here he speaks of  criticisms of  this statement:

“It would be impossible for a God of love to tolerate men and women being sent to hell. It would be the great emblem of his failure,” as MacDonald and others have maintained, “and he simply won’t tolerate lost souls.”

he then offers his criticisms of such statements, read or listen to the whole talk here

5) Fifthly, if I may argue in an ad hominem manner—and I mean this seriously and not cynically or in any sense merely as a put-down—it is one of the most extraordinary things in the world that, to a man, universalists are semi-Pelagian in their views. But suddenly, after death, everything becomes Calvinistic. The love of God is overwhelming. The love of God is irresistible. The love of God cannot be stopped.

But you see the principle of the New Testament is that God does not change because we die. His love is already overwhelming, irresistible. There is no more love of God to be demonstrated, beloved, than in the work of our Savior on the cross and the zealous pursuit of his efficacious work in the hearts of men and women by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing more that God can do; there is no more love he can demonstrate; there is no more irresistible grace than the grace which effects our salvation here and now.

6) And sixthly, there is the homiletical argument that, inevitably, whenever universalism is espoused, the urgency and energy of New Testament preaching is dissipated. I tell you, it is a very unusual thing to hear a Barthian say, “I beseech you, be reconciled to God.” And it is an even rarer thing to hear a card-carrying, genuine-article universalist publicly espousing the doctrine of universalism with tears in his eyes, to say, “I beg you; lay down your arms; be reconciled to God.”

The principle here is that if the gospel that is proclaimed does not produce the fruit of that gospel that is visible in the New Testament, the gospel that is proclaimed cannot be the New Testament gospel. And the very reason for the urgency of the apostolic ministry and the zeal in our Lord’s heart that was to consume him was because of the sense of the urgency of men and women repenting and believing now, or else they would be lost forever.

Trinity is excited to host Peter Moore on defending and sharing the faith April 8th and 9th.  Cost is $20.  Please register with the church offices at 843-448-8426.
April 8th:  6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. April 9th:  9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The Very Reverend Peter Moore, D.D., was the fourth Dean and President of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. He also served as the school’s first Chairman of the Board of Trustees. In 1962 he founded the Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools (FOCUS), a parachurch organization which ministers to prep school students. He also served in parish ministry at All Souls’ Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Pittsburgh and as the rector of “Little” Trinity Anglican Church in Canada – a historic parish in Toronto’s downtown core.  Peter is a gifted academic and author of several books and articles.  He earned his degrees from Yale, Oxford, Episcopal Theological School, and Fuller Theological Seminary.  Currently, Peter is serving as Associate for Transformational Discipleship at St. Michael’s Church in Charleston, SC.

He is also a gifted academic and author of several books and articles including the award-winning Disarming the Secular Gods: How To Talk So Skeptics Will Listen

Below are two videos available for a limited time on YouTube that you will not want to miss.  Both videos feature Martin Lloyd-Jones, the great English preacher who has had a reasonable influence on the pastors at Trinity Church.  In the first video Lloyd-Jones does a biography of Anglican evangelist George Whitefield.  In the second video Lloyd-Jones conducts an interview on what it means to be called to preach.  I don’t know when these will be taken down so enjoy them soon!

A hip hop exposition of Philippians

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Wow.  The further he got into it the more impressed I was.  Phil 2 was amazing.

The Lord’s Supper Part II

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preached by Rob Sturdy on March 20th, 2011

The Lord’s Supper Part I

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preached by Iain Boyd