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Below are the most read posts from the month of November.  Unsurprisingly, the topic of Hell (for I think the third month in a row) reigns supreme, although the “New Atheism” has supplanted politics for a strong number two showing.  And finally, in a not so distant third place the long dead preacher from Wittenberg, Martin Luther, shows up just in time to help us read our Bibles.  Check them all out below.

Why are Americans losing their belief in Hell?  Al Mohler tells us here

Did John Lennox really get Richard Dawkins to say belief in Deistic God likely? Read about it here

The first installment in our “Help Me Read My Bible” series, Martin Luther gives us a few tips on how to productively study the Word of God. Check it out here

AwakeningGrace readers continue their fixation with Hell.

1) To Hell with it…(or) why Americans are losing their belief in Hell
2) John Lennox and Richard Dawkins duel over God, monkeys, and martians
3) Canadian doctors hate that Sarah Palin kept her down syndrom baby

and this one was climbing fast but didn’t make the top three. The first in our “Help me read the Bible” series led out by no one less that Martin Luther! Check it out here