The six points of Calvinism

Posted: December 3, 2013 by doulos tou Theou in Uncategorized


The six points of Calvinism 

Many people have heard of the “five points of Calvinism,” summarized in the acronym TULIP. Here I present the same ideas restated in somewhat more modern language. The problem with the old TULIP phrasing is that many or most of the words used in that acronym are difficult for people today to understand accurately—those of us who hold to a Calvinistic interpretation of Scripture have to spend a fair amount of time explaining away wrong understandings of those words. So here is my updated version, which is also slightly expanded to include elements I think are crucial in all modern Calvinist thinking. I even was able to make a cute acronym, which is quite appropriate: CALVIN.

Comprehensive brokenness. This used to be called “total depravity.” In many people’s minds, that means “as wicked as possible.” That is not what that Calvinism teaches. The correct…

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