Know Thyself

Posted: July 9, 2013 by boydmonster in Uncategorized

I’m speaking tonight at the Men’s Night for Campus Outreach Greenville’s Summer Beach Project.  We’ll be talking about what Gospel-Centered sanctification looks like.  Essential to a Christocentric understanding of sanctification is a knowledge of the governing idols of our hearts.  I have compiled a list of 10 questions for them to work through to discern the idols of their hearts.  In addition to these questions, I’d like to encourage your slow and prayerful working through of two other documents.  One is a list of ‘x-ray questions’ published by David Powlison originally in “Seeing with New Eyes,” and later in “How People Change ” by Paul Tripp and Tim Lane.  The other is the orphan vs child of God worksheet published by World Harvest Mission in their Sonship Training.  Here’s my feeble attempt at something similar.  Enjoy.

Idols of My Heart:

  1. What do I ultimately live for?  What do I strive to avoid?
  2. What do I want people to remember me for?
  3. What has the power to “make or break me?”  What is it that I am only ok when I have it?
  4. What circumstances have the power to illicit extreme behaviors from me i.e. despair, outbursts of anger, frantic pace of work, bitterness and unforgiveness, etc?
  5. What has the power to make me anxious?  What can occupy my mind against my wishes?  Over what do I lose sleep?
  6. What is the first thing I think about when I wake up?  When I go to bed?
  7. What criticism can I be crushed by?  This is my identity.
  8. Finish this sentence: “If I only had _________________________________ then I would finally ____________________________________________________________________________.”
  9. Finish this sentence: “I have a hard time loving people who _____________________________.”
  10. What do you have a hard time forgiving or getting over?
  1. Great questions. #10 is easiest. It’s self. Once I get out of the way and see only Jesus, all of the other questions are answered.

  2. boydmonster says:

    Keith, you are absolutely right. However, one of the trickiest facets of dealing with our idolatry is that we create idols in order to serve ourselves. Self is always the ultimate idol when we worship control, love, acceptance, escape, power, security, etc. Replacing self with Christ is the ultimate task. Discerning what we use in order to serve ourselves helps us to see our sin more clearly and set our hopes instead on Christ.

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