Evangelize & Disciple

Posted: May 2, 2013 by doulos tou Theou in Apologetics and Evangelism, Christianity, Discipleship

Preaching the gospel to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time seems to be the goal, whether its a weekend retreat, or going door-to-door.

But this couldn’t be a more backwards strategy, when you consider the American worldview. America is independent, democratic, self-relient.
Independent: I believe what I believe, and it doesn’t matter what others think
Democratic: I have a say in what is true and who will be my authority.
Self-relient: I am concerned about the survival of self, rather than the group, so I will choose my spouse based upon how “happy and giving” he/she is, rather than what is best for the community.

Americans may consider themselves Christians, but in many cases their behavior is that of an animist. How do I prevent my son from getting sick?  Give him the best medicine possible. How do I find ultimate fulfillment? Through my job or marriage. This is because they live life based upon a “split-level Christianity.” I go to church and am going to heaven someday, but God isn’t useful for everyday life. Their worldview isn’t a Biblical one yet. It is American.

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