Study Theology to Bless your Soul

Posted: December 10, 2012 by doulos tou Theou in Christian Theology, Christianity, Discipleship, The Christian Life

Catching up some of the blogs I read I came across an older post that’s a real blessing and encouragement. Here’s a taste with a link at the bottom to read it all.


The English Puritan, Richard Sibbes, encouraged his congregation in the 17th century with the following words:

 Labour for the Spirit of God…Beg of God to seal to our souls that the Bible is his word, and the he would sanctify our hearts to be suitable to the word, and never rest till we can find God by his Spirit, seasoning our hearts, so, that with relish of our souls may suit to the relish of divine truths, that when we hear them we may relish the truth in them, and may so feel the work of God’s Spirit, that we may be able to say, He is our God.

–Richard Sibbes, The Marriage Feast Between Christ and the Church, The Complete Works of Richard Sibbes Vol II pg 496


This cultural dismissiveness of theology is nothing new.  English playwright Dorothy Sayers noticed and commented upon it extensively.  One of her more famous observations is as follows:

 Away with the tedious complexities of dogma — let us have the simple spirit of worship; just worship, no matter of what!” The only drawback to this demand for a generalized and undirected worship is the practical difficulty of arousing any sort of enthusiasm for the worship of nothing in particular.

Let us just worship, be, feel, experience God.  Well that is all fine and well.  But who is this God that we’re called to worship?  Who are we in relation to him?  How should we expect him to make us feel?  What should our experience of him be?  Why should we expect others to worship a God that we can’t even describe?

Imagine if you sat down with a husband and wife to engage in marriage counseling.  The wife says, “he never listens to me.”  The husband says, “I don’t want to listen to you, I just want to be with you.”  Just as that would not work in a marriage, neither does it work in religion.

The study of theology is critical to learning who God is, hearing from him, and listening to him.


read the whole piece at Awakening Grace



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