Hold fast

Posted: November 5, 2012 by doulos tou Theou in Christianity, Reformed Theology, The Christian Life

“We await salvation from [Christ] because he makes us, ingrafted into his body, participants not only in all his benefits but also in himself.

If you contemplate yourself, that is sure damnation. But since Christ has been so imparted to you with all his benefits that all that is his is made yours – that you are made a member of him, indeed one with him – his righteousness overwhelms your sins; his salvation wipes out your condemnation; with his worthiness he intercedes that your unworthiness may not come before God’s sight.

Surely this is so: We ought not to separate Christ from ourselves or ourselves from him. Rather we ought to hold fast bravely with both hands to that fellowship by which he has bound himself to us.

Christ is not outside us but dwells within us. Not only does he cleave to us by an indivisible bond of fellowship, but with a wonderful communion, day by day, he grows more and more into one body with us, until he becomes completely one with us.”

— John Calvin
Institutes of the Christian Religion


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