St Paul’s Conway: Walking Apart with Love and Charity

Posted: October 31, 2012 by boydmonster in Anglican Communion, Thought and Practice in the Diocese of South Carolina, Uncategorized

I just read this letter from my former boss and good colleague, Tripp Jeffords. It appears as if the folks at St Paul’s in Conway have figured out a way to handle the current split in our diocese without acrimony or bitterness. Tripp writes,

“However, even though both sides in our church realized long ago that this day has been coming, when we would finally have to walk our separate ways, divorce is never pleasant. Independent of our theological leanings and ideological beliefs, we still must deal with the long-standing relationships, which we have all enjoyed with one another. My prayer is that we all approach this “walking apart” with Christian love and charity. We cannot demean, demonize, nor destroy the character of persons with whom we might disagree theologically. Already, there has been a pledge that no lawsuits will be brought by either side. If lawsuits are forthcoming, they will probably be between the diocese and TEC, not on the local level. The minority group within our church has chosen to start a new church loyal to TEC, and they have vowed to do this peacefully.”

While the division in the body of Christ is sorrowful to behold, it is commendable that this church has figured out a way to separate amiably and they have established a way for those who wish to remain loyal to TEC to do so. You can download the full text of Tripp’s letter here:


  1. susan shanks says:

    How I thank God for our leadership! We have one Lord and Master, Jesus Christ and are called to be faithful to Him, and Him, alone. Thank you. Iain for your Godly leadership. Tri ity is always in my prayers. In His Love, Susan

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