Want to read your Bible with Iain?

Posted: October 1, 2012 by boydmonster in Discipleship

I forgot to mention one thing in yesterday’s sermon about how to get started in your spiritual disciplines. When I was a new believer, a mentor of mine introduced me to Scripture Union Bible Reading Notes. These notes are perfect for teaching you how to structure a regular time of daily devotion. I have always preferred them to some of the other devotionals out there like “Daily Bread” or “Forward Day by Day,” simply because you can read through books of the Bible in their context rather than bouncing around from verse to verse. The Discovery notes outline each devotion into the easy format of “Pray, Read, Apply, and Pray”. While working through representative chunks of the Bible at a time, each day has some commentary to help you better understand what you are reading. For people who want a little more, they provide a plan for reading through the Scriptures in a year. Although I haven’t used Scripture Union in years, this morning I started using Scripture Union notes again for the purpose of giving the church an opportunity to follow my devotional life with me. If you weren’t able to get a Discovery booklet at Church, you can get the devotional (with tons of other resources) here. I look forward to reading the Bible with you!

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for providing the link here. I have signed up to have the Discovery passages and devotional questions/comments emailed to me each day. That way I can get them on my phone, for days when the best time for me to focus happens to be when I’m out somewhere.
    For the newbie (me), the website is a tad confusing as to the difference between Discovery, Encounter with God, and Essential 100. But I’m going to try the Discovery guide for a while.
    We also saw some resources that we might try with the family/kids.

  2. boydmonster says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. It took me quite a while to figure out the difference between the three as well. E100 is for a quick overview of the bible. Discovery and Encounter with God are both daily devotionals. Discovery is a little more basic for beginners. Encounter reads through more scripture, and is a little more in depth. They both also have a bible in a year reading plan as well.

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