Head of SC Standing Committee: “I realize that for many, patience is wearing thin”

Posted: September 13, 2012 by boydmonster in Anglican Communion, Thought and Practice in the Diocese of South Carolina

I know many people have been growing anxious about our diocese and the relationship with the national church. I was approached just today while having lunch with my wife by a lady who asked me “Are you guys leaving the diocese?” When I got back, I checked the calendar to see how long it has been since we were told to wait for an answer. On July 25th, Bishop Mark said he would come back in a couple of weeks with an answer. We have only received one communication from him since then indicating that he and the standing committee had agreed on the course of action, not saying what that course of action was. The waiting game is wearing thin on some of us. Paul Fuener, head of the Standing Committee in the Diocese of South Carolina wrote this piece in his parish newsletter. I encourage you all to read it and continue to be in prayer.
Dear Friends,
For many things in life, to announce them in advance is impossible, or at least foolish. A man about to
propose marriage to a woman does not advertise the proposal in advance – he just proposes, and announces
only if she accepts; we do not announce the birth of a baby until the baby has arrived and all is well; bank
robbers do not announce their intentions in advance. Good things, bad things – obviously, sometimes
announcing in advance is impossible or self-defeating.
Many of you have expressed to me your frustration that when our Bishop returned from his extended time of
prayer (and vacation), he announced only that he was back and that he and the Standing Committee had met
and were agreed on a course of action – neglecting to spell out that course of action. This is one of those times
in life where to announce in advance what you are going to do is foolish. Perhaps, then, it was better not to
have said anything upon the bishop’s return – but he hoped there was some comfort in what was announced,
and all would understand that more could not be said at this time. I realize that for many, patience is wearing
thin – but the Bishop is carefully seeking the Lord’s direction, and the Lord’s timing is often not our timing.
So, I ask your continued patience. I am hopeful there will be news in the next few weeks – news that should be
encouraging to all.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…. We have a great fall ahead of us here at Prince George. Our vision is taking
on flesh and blood in:
• the organization of Shepherd Groups with a new format and purpose
• the revitalization of our pastoral care ministries
• the formation of other new small groups for study, prayer and support
• steps toward identifying outreach projects in our community and beyond
• adult education geared toward helping us put our faith into action.
There is more information inside, on our website, and in the church office, about these and other
opportunities for you to be involved. In furtherance of our vision we also are – for the first time in nearly a
year – fully staffed again, and so better able to team with you in ministry.
I have two requests: 1) pray for our Bishop and all the leaders of our diocese to have the wisdom and courage
to discern and to follow the Lord’s leading in all things, and particularly in our relationship with the Episcopal
Church beyond our diocese; and 2) get involved in the mission of the Church here at Prince George. Our
future is in the Lord’s hands, and we are secure and most blessed only as we seek to be in the center of His will
and plan for us. So, let’s pray and work to build the Kingdom of God in our midst.
With much love and many prayers,


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