Complementarianism “for Dummies”

Posted: July 13, 2012 by doulos tou Theou in Christianity, Current Issues, Discipleship

A crash course in the meaning of Complementarianism by Mary Kassian written in the emulation of the “for Dummies” series of instructional books. Here’s a part:

Men are not superior to women–women are not the “second sex.” Though men have a responsibility to exercise headship in their homes, and in the church family, Christ revolutionized the definition of what that means. Authority is not the right to rule—it’s the responsibility to serve.


A complementarian is a person who believes that God created male and female to reflect complementary truths about Jesus.

read the whole piece here

  1. susanshanks says:

    Awesome feed! Couldn’t have disagreed with a single word! Thanks, Mary Kassian!

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