By this faith they lived

Posted: April 2, 2012 by doulos tou Theou in Christianity, Discipleship, The Christian Life

Let there be no mistake in your mind as to the special character of the person who has come to Christ, and is a true Christian. They are not angels; they are not half-angelic beings, in whom are no weaknesses, or blemishes, or defects – they are nothing of the kind. They are nothing more than a sinner who has found out their sinfulness, and has learned the blessed secret of living by faith in Christ. What was the glorious company of the apostles and prophets? What was the noble army of martyrs? What were Isaiah, Daniel, Peter, James, John, Paul, Polycarp, Chrysostom, Augustine, Luther, Bunyan, Baxter, Whitefield, Chalmers, M’Cheyne? What were they all? They were sinners who knew and felt their sins, and trusted only in Christ. What were they? They were people who accepted the invitation I bring to you this day, and came to Christ by faith. By this faith they lived – and in this faith they died. In themselves and their doings they saw nothing worth mentioning; but in Christ they saw all that their souls required.

~ J.C. Ryle

  1. kim/nannykim says:

    a living faith–I like it!

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