He will be there!

Posted: March 12, 2012 by doulos tou Theou in Christianity, Discipleship, The Christian Life

Eternity tells us where life is to be found: in Jesus Christ.

What is the hope of eternity?                                                                                    Life with God forever.

What is the horror of eternity?                                                          Separation from God forever.

If you get the plot, you realize life can be found horizontally. Eternity is a beautiful hope, because for all who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ, he will be there! The life he gives isn’t temporary. He is eternal. His Word is eternal. The love He bestows is eternal. His presence is eternal.So if we live in light of eternity, we know that life cannot be found in the temporary pleasure possessions, and achievements of this world that is passing away. We start investing in eternal life right here, right now. Our life is ruled by a life-shaping pursuit of God. This means we take seriously anything in our lives that connects us to God, his presence, promises, and provisions.

For instance, you attend your small group, not because you have been guilted into doing so, but because the fellowship reminds you of the most important thing in your life, your relationship with God.

You look forward to your weekly worship service it again and again rescues you from the delusion that life is all about present pleasures. You contribute money to Christian ministries, not just to invest in what is eternal, but because it reminds you of what is important and lasting.

You read your Bible each morning, not to prove you’re a good Christian, but to start your day by reminding yourself of where life is to be found.And you don’t keep investing in bigger and better, because you know the message of eternity is that Only God can satisfy your heart.

You don’t let yourself take for granted the many evidences of God’s goodness and grace in your life. You cannot be thankful without remembering the Person who gave things for you to be grateful for.

As I described above, living with eternity in view means living with God in view. Our hunger for life is a hunger for God that He hardwired in us when He made us. If the glorious hope of eternity is Him, then it makes sense that life right here, right now is found only in living with Him in view – that is, looking to Him for life.

Paul David Tripp, “Forever”, pg 160 – 161 (paragraphing mine)

  1. Eternal perspective! Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. doulos tou Theou says:

    thanks Jonathan for stopping by and commenting

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