Welcome to A Glorious Revolution!

Posted: January 26, 2012 by boydmonster in Uncategorized
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Welcome to A Glorious Revolution!  This blog is a tool for the Senior Pastor at Trinity Church Myrtle Beach to hold forth the Gospel in Myrtle Beach and beyond.  The Glorious Revolution happened in England in 1688, when James II was overthrown and William of Orange ascended to throne in his place.  This event had particular significance for the Church of England because the King of England existed as the head of the Church.  The Glorious Revolution not only returned a Protestant to the throne, but ensured that only Protestants could serve as monarch in England and thus as head of the church of England.  The purpose of calling upon that history for this blog is not to start a holy war against catholics, but to articulate my deep wish for the Anglican Communion.  My wish is that a glorious revolution in the Anglican Communion and the wider Body of Christh, where tertiary issues take their rightful place, and the Gospel reassumes center stage.  This blog seeks to serve as a means to that end.  So, you will find posted here in the future, thoughtful articles about church life, leadership, preaching, culture, current events, and movies as well as links to other contemporary revolutionaries!

Please take time to peruse our pages and see how we’ve updated the site a bit!

If you are coming back from a lengthy trip and haven’t seen Rob’s last post that he’s moving Awakening Grace, then you need to know that Rob has moved Awakening Grace to here.  Please be sure to stop over and say hi!

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