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“Rest in the Lord.”
Psalm 37:7


I desire for each of you, and for myself, also, that all of us who are in Christ may this night have perfect “rest in the Lord.”


Was it not said of Boaz, by the mother-in-law of Ruth, “The man will not be in rest until he has finished the thing
this day”? Some Christians never have any rest, or they have but very little, because they do not understand the doctrine
of a finished salvation. If you and I are only half-saved, why, of course, we can never be really restful till the work is finished. No, if we are only three-quarters saved, we shall never have any true rest till the other quarter of the work is done!
If there is one stone for us to lay in order to complete the edifice, we must not give sleep to our eyes, nor slumber to our
eyelids, till it is fixed in its place.

But here is the joy, here is the peace of Christians, that our salvation is a finished one! We have not a farthing to pay
to complete the ransom of our souls. We have not a stitch to set to finish the robe of our salvation. We have not an act to
perform, a prayer to offer, a tear to weep, a thought to think in order to finish the work of our redemption! I know that all these things shall be worked in us and, that by the Spirit of God we shall be made to do them—but all that shall not be with any view to the completion of our salvation—that was finished in the Person of the bleeding Lamb of Calvary!
There are a great many people who imagine that they will be saved because they regularly go to Church—they might go to Church as long as Methuselah lived, but not get an inch nearer to Heaven by doing so! Others of you may suppose that you will go to Glory through constantly coming here. We will soon drive that delusion out of your minds if you are indulging any such notion!

Still, there it is—you think that if you are kind, moral, upright, if you do good to your neighbors, if you bring up your families well—in some way Jesus Christ will mysteriously come in to make up your deficiencies and then when you get to Glory, of course, you intend to have a song all to yourself! You will say, “Praise and glory and honor be to myself! I did my part and Christ’s assistance made the matter all right.” The man who thinks that the work of salvation is partly his own does not understand the finished work of Christ!

Either Christ completed all that was necessary for your salvation, or He did not! If He did finish it, then rest in Him and be glad, and say, “I am secure forever because my salvation is finished. I have nothing to do but to live to the honor of Him who has completely saved me by His Grace, His blood, His righteousness.”
But if Christ did not finish the work, you cannot complete it! If He has left a stitch unsewn or a stone unlaid, you cannot supply the deficiency. What? The human and the Divine joined together as equals? What? Yoke your little, insignificant, insect-like power with the Omnipotent strength of the Divine Redeemer? God forbid! What? Shall the dross and scum of human merit come and be reckoned with the pure gold of Christ’s atoning Sacrifice? No! That can never be!
Grace reigns, and Grace, alone, reigns! It reigns in this, that there is a finished work! Therefore, Christian, rest—“rest in the Lord,” for the work is done! Be of good cheer, take your ease in Christ. Eat of Him, drink of Him and be merry, for you have much goods laid up for many years. Your feasting will never bring to you the censure of being a fool, but you will be as foolish as a thousand fools if you do not rest in Jesus!

 A Comforting Message for the Closing Year  – by C.H. Spurgeon ,

(paragraphing mine)


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