Awakening Grace is Moving!

Posted: December 26, 2011 by limabean03 in Uncategorized

Awakening Grace is moving!  You can visit the new site at  All of the old content will be made available on the new site over the coming weeks, as well as a lot of new content.   From this new site you can continue to view and read teachings and sermons by Rob Sturdy delivered at St. Andrew’s Mount Pleasant as well as access the same devotional and educational material that we like to post here.  The current web address, will be taken over by Trinity’s new (and improved!) Lead Pastor, Rev. Iain Boyd.

If you currently subscribe to AwakeningGrace,  go on over now and sign up to the new site by clicking the “follow” button near the top of the page on the right hand side.  You can also click here for the latest post, which details a little known fact about Buzz Aldrin reading from John’s Gospel and taking communion on the moon!

See you over at the new site.

  1. susanshank says:

    Rob, you are an amazing person! I will surely follow the “new” (wouldn’t miss it for anything); AND I will tremendously enjoy the “old” wordpress by our “new” Pastor, Iain. I really don’t mind change (much), the only better thing will be Heaven…thank God for Jesus!!!!
    Merry Christmas1
    In His Love,

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