Sweet & Lively Bread

Posted: December 13, 2011 by doulos tou Theou in Christian Theology, Christianity

“Before Christ’s coming into the world, all men universally in Adam were nothing else but a wicked and crooked generation, rotten and corrupt trees, stony ground, full of brambles and briars, lost sheep, prodigal sons, naughty unprofitable servants, unrighteous stewards, workers of iniquity, the brood of adders, blind guides, sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death: to be short nothing else but children of perdition, and inheritors of hell fire.

But after [Christ] was once come down from heaven, and had taken our frail nature upon him, he made all them that would receive him truly, and believe his word, good trees, and good ground, fruitful and pleasant branches, children of light, citizens of heaven, sheep of his fold, members of his body, heirs of his Kingdom, his true friends and brethren, sweet and lively bread, the elect and chosen people of God. ”

— Church of England
“Homily on the Nativity”


  1. danny says:

    2 dispensations???? Isn’t the Blood of Christ retroactive? Can’t wait to hear your first sermon at SAMP.

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