Great Love in His Incarnation

Posted: December 9, 2011 by doulos tou Theou in Christian Theology, Christianity, Discipleship, Uncategorized

These were the chief ends wherefore Christ became man, not for any profit that should come to himself thereby, but only for our sakes, that we might understand the will of GOD, be partakers of his heavenly light, be delivered out of the devil’s claws: released from the burden of sin, justified through faith in his blood, and finally, received up into everlasting glory, there to reign with him for ever. Was not this a great and singular love of Christ towards mankind, that being the express and lively image of GOD, he would notwithstanding humble himself, and take upon him the form of a servant, and that only to save and redeem us? O how much are wee bound to the goodness of GOD in this behalf? how many thanks and praises do we owe unto him for this our salvation wrought by his dear and only Son Christ? who became a pilgrim in earth to make us citizens in heaven, who became the son of man, to make us the sons of GOD, who became obedient to the Law, to deliver us from the curse of the Law, who became poor, to make us rich; vile, to make us precious; subject to death, to make us live for ever. What greater love could we silly creatures desire or wish to have at GODS hands?

“Homily on the Nativity”


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