Drink and be drunk with the love of Jesus.

Posted: November 16, 2011 by doulos tou Theou in Christianity, Discipleship, Puritan Faith, The Christian Life

Letter 44 to Fulk Ellis by Samuel Rutherford


And if there had not been such a thing as the grace of Jesus,I should have long since given up with heaven, and with the expectation to see God. But grace, grace, free grace, the merits of Christ for nothing, white and fair, and large Saviour-mercy ( which is another sort of thing than creature mercy, or law-mercy, yea, a thousand degrees above angel-mercy) hath been and must be the rock that we drowned souls must swim to.

New washing, renewed application of purchased redemption by that sacred blood that sealeth the free covenant, is a thing of daily and hourly use to a poor sinner. Till we be in heaven, our issue of blood will not be quite dried up; and therefore we must resolve to apply peace to our souls from the new and living Way; and Jesus, who cleanseth and cureth the leprous soul, lovely Jesus must be our song on this side of heaven’s gates.

And even when we have won the castle, then must we eternally sin, ‘Worthy, worthy is the Lamb, who hath saved us and washed us in his own blood.’I would counsel all the ransomed ones to learn this song, and to drink and be drunk with the love of Jesus.

O fairest, O highest, O loveliest One, open the well!

O water the burnt and withered travelers with this love of thine!

(paragraphing mine)

Letters of Samuel Rutherford, pgs 129-130


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