A hip hop exposition of Philippians

Posted: March 23, 2011 by limabean03 in Uncategorized

Wow.  The further he got into it the more impressed I was.  Phil 2 was amazing.

  1. Weston Caswell says:

    There is an entire album of songs just like this by 116 Clique called “13 Letters” (Reach Records).

    1. Begin with the End
    2. Dig In
    3. Gospel Music (Romans)
    4. Break it Down (1 Corinthians)
    5. This is my Heart (2 Corinthians)
    6. Justified (Galatians)
    7. My City (Ephesians)
    8. To Live is Christ (Philippians)
    9. Let No Man (Colossians)
    10. Keep the Faith (1 Thessalonians)
    11. Stand Strong (2 Thessalonians)
    12. Instructions (1 Timothy)
    13. It’s Yours (2 Timothy)
    14. Sound (Titus)
    15. Take Em Back (Philemon)
    16. Get Loose
    17. Carry Mine
    18. Evolution

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