What direction is culture taking today’s boys?

Posted: February 28, 2011 by doulos tou Theou in Christianity, The Christian Life

James Dobson writing in 2001, Bringing Up Boys, p. 54:

…we as parents are raising the next generation of men who will either lead with honor and integrity or abandon every good thing they have inherited. They are bridges to the future. Nations that are populated by largely immature, immoral, weak-willed, cowardly, and self-indulgent men cannot and will not endure. These types of men include those who sire and abandon their children; who cheat on their wives; who lie, steal, and covet; who hate their countrymen; and who serve no god but money. That is the direction culture is taking today’s boys. We must make the necessary investment to counter these influences and to build within our boys lasting qualities of character, self-discipline, respect for authority, commitment to the truth, a belief in the work ethic, and an unshakable love for Jesus Christ.

(HT:Buzzard Blog)

  1. Our greatest hope for boys lies in a Third Great Awakening which involves not only the truth of Sovereign Grace but such a visitation of the presence of God that they will be overhwelmed with a sense of true godliness and will therefore yield up glad and devoted allegiance to the Eternal. The truth and the presence are the two major factors in the First and Second Great Awakenings and in the launching of the Great Century of Missions.

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