Bishop Allison wrestles 12 foot Alligator and wins…

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Bishop Fitz Allison wrestled twelve foot alligator and won.  Alligator cried “uncle” and promptly confessed to orthodox Christianity.  All kidding aside Bishop Allison will be visiting Trinity Church this Saturday from 9-12.  Don’t forget to call the church offices to register!  For more info on Bishop Allison’s visit click here.

Allison and Fenters have been keeping their eyes on the big gator for a while.

For the most part, this alligator and others on the plantation tend to their own business. Recently, however, algae has gotten into the “reserve” ponds at Rosemont. What looks like a scum on top of the water is hurting aquatic life.

Allison bought some sterile, grass-eating carp to help control the algal blooms and algae.

However, the big gator was a possible threat to working the ponds and to the expensive carp that are used in an effort to control the algae without chemicals.

Fenters uses a 15-foot canoe to get around the reserve. Of course, a 12-foot alligator weighing almost 750 pounds is a lot bigger than a lightweight canoe.

Close up

He was checking the area last Monday for the gator when he saw it “right at the bank” of the pond.

Fenters managed to get a line on the alligator, but “He broke the line. He started rolling.

“We had to start throwing grapples in him.”

The 83-year-old Allison was helping Fenters, but had to go to Charleston for a meeting. He was dressed in a suit, and in its thrashing and rolling the gator’s tail hit the water with a resounding thwack. Allison’s clothes got wet, of course.

He had to leave Fenters to handle the gator.

It took about two hours to secure the gator where it could be finished off. State regulations require a gator to be secured with a line and finished with a pistol or other weapon that will ensure the animal can be harvested.

Once the alligator was dead, Fenters said, “We could pull his tail up [onto the bank of the pond], but we couldn’t move him.”

He had to bring over a backhoe to lift the alligator up so he could be put in a truck to take to Brad Moore in McClellanville.

Moore, a game processor and gator guide, cleaned the animal and opened up its stomach so he could log information into a database for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources.

“He was full of bird feathers and blue crabs,” Fenters said Thursday afternoon.

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