Spurgeon Vs. Hyper Calvinism– a repost

Posted: August 31, 2010 by doulos tou Theou in Christianity

In Spurgeon v. Hyper-Calvinism, Iain Murray draws four lessons from that conflict:

1.  “Genuine evangelical Christianity is never of an exclusive spirit.  Any view of the truth which undermines catholicity has gone astray from Scripture.”  Spurgeon regretfully disagreed with hyper-Calvinists who “made faith in election a part of saving faith and thus either denied the Christianity of all professed Christians who did not so believe or at least treated such profession with much suspicion.”

2.  Spurgeon “wanted to see both divine sovereignty and human responsibility upheld, but when it came to gospel preaching he believed that there needed to be a greater concentration upon responsibility.  The tendency of Hyper-Calvinism was to make sinners want to understand theology before they could believe in Christ.”

3.  “This controversy directs us to our need for profound humility before God.  It reminds us forcefully of questions about which we can only say, ‘Behold, God is great, and we know him not’ (Job 36:26).”  “It is to be feared that sharp contentions between Christians on these issues have too often arisen from a wrong confidence in our powers of reasoning and our assumed ability to draw logical inferences.”  Spurgeon saw “how a system which sought to attribute all to the grace of God had itself too much confidence in the powers of reason.”

4.  “The final conclusion has to be that when Calvinism ceases to be evangelistic, when it becomes more concerned with theory than with the salvation of men and women, when acceptance of doctrines seems to become more important than acceptance of Christ, then it is a system going to seed and it will invariably lose its attractive power.”

Iain H. Murray, Spurgeon v. Hyper-Calvinism (Edinburgh, 1995), pages 110-122.  Italics added.

(HT:Ray Ortlund:

  1. Even Hyper-Calvinists can be soul winners. Dr. John Thomas the first Baptist missionary to India was considered a Hypr-Calvinist, and yet he lost his hold on sanity in his elation at Krisna Pal would go all the way with Christ and be baptized. Carey baptized Pal, but Thomas persuaded him while setting his arm (from either a fracture or a dislocation, I can’t remember which). In a rise and fall emotional roller coaster for 14 years, Dr. Thomas, a Chirugeon (surgeon), wnet into a frenzy. He was raving in elation in a nearby building, when Carey baptized Pal. My ordaining pastor, Dr. Ernest R. Campbell, who had a Ph.D. from Bob Jones University declared from the pulpit and person to persn that he was a supralapsarian, a hyper-calvinist. He once pleaded with a relative of mine until tears ran down the man’s face. Those who claim to believe in Sovereign Grace and never seek to win souls evidently do not know the theology and the practice of it throughout the history of the Christian Faith. That was true of those with whom Mr. Spurgeon disagreed and of those before him as well as those since.

  2. Noel Perez says:

    Someone still please try and convince me that Our Loving God would predestine some to eternal destruction? Elected to be saved and elected to eternal damnation? Don’t think so.

  3. Noel Perez says:

    Duplicate comment? Why do you prevent me from stating the same objection? Why the censureship!! Is it because I may not agree with you on all points of hyper-calvinism> Huh?

  4. Noel Perez says:

    Again, I dare you to censure my comment that I cannot believe how such a loving God would elect some to eternal damnation!

  5. doulos tou Theou says:

    @ Noel

    I haven’t censured any of your comments. The blog itself might be setup to not allow duplicate comments for the sake of people accidentally double posting comments.

    I have just now at 6:35 seen your comments. I’m sorry you are having trouble trying to comment and will look into it.

    The post is against Hyper-Calvinist, we are not Hyper Calvinist. Mr. Spurgeon is letting you know why he is against the form of Hyper-Calvinism that was going on in his day and he is a Calvinist.

    I can’t convince anybody of anything. Just like before my conversion no one could convince me Jesus is God. You want to know what changed me?
    The Truth of the Bible. I would commend to your reading John 6, John 10, Rom 9 & 1Cor 15:22-23. Not that I can change your mind or would want you to not see God as loving. But these places and many others such as Ephesians & Colossians have all given me a greater passion for God and the Lost.

    Again sorry for the troubles you had posting comments.

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