Off topic: What will become of the bookstore?

Posted: August 14, 2010 by limabean03 in Pop-Culture

From the New York Times.  This article caught my interest for three reasons.  I’m an avid reader (click here to see my 09 reading list).  I love going to the bookstore.  I just bought an IPad.  With the advent of the E-Reader (Kindle, IPad, etc.) I’m left wondering about the future of book stores and home libraries.  Your thoughts?

For readers, e-books have meant a transformation not just of the reading experience, but of the book-buying tradition of strolling aisles, perusing covers and being able to hold books in their hands. Many publishers have been astounded by the pace of the e-book popularity and the threat to print book sales that it represents. If the number of brick-and-mortar stores drops, publishers fear that sales will go along with it. Some worry that large bookstores will go the way of the record stores that shut down when the music business went digital.

“The shift from the physical to the digital book can pick up some of the economic slack, but it can’t pick up the loss that is created when you don’t have the customers browsing the displays,” said Laurence J. Kirshbaum, a literary agent. “We need people going into stores and seeing a book they didn’t know existed and buying it.”

read the whole thing here

  1. Steve says:

    Wait, Rob bought an IPad? Really, a Mac? Have you sold out to the yuppie, soul-patch crowd?

  2. limabean03 says:

    dude, if you didn’t have a bright red vespa scooter I’d be ashamed of myself. But as it were…We’ll just have to settle this in the thunderdome.

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