Honoring Christ in Your Twenties

Posted: January 21, 2010 by limabean03 in Christianity, Current Issues, Discipleship, The Christian Life

My lovely wife sent this article to me via e-mail and I thought it postworthy.  A growing confrontation with many young adults and the call of Jesus Christ on their lives is that young Christians need to aim to become self-sufficient, productive members of society.  This probably requires finishing school or getting a full time job, and eventually moving out and become financially self-sufficient.  This is, as Paul says to Timothy, “to make some return to their parents” (1 Tim 5.4).  The article below is amusing and probing.  So young adults (me included!), are you honoring Christ in your twenties?

LONDON (Jan. 19) — In many countries, over-18s who refuse to leave the family nest are simply called “losers.” But in Italy, they’re known by the quainter term “bamboccioni,” which roughly translates as “big babies.” Millions of young Italians are believed to live this cosseted existence, with their meals cooked and pants ironed by devoted mamas and papas.

Now, a government minister — who has admitted that his mother made his bed for him until he was 30 — has called for a new law that will force this generation of eternal adolescents to leave home when they turn 18. “I don’t see what’s wrong with passing a law that says all over-18s should leave home and not be a drain on their parents’ resources,” Public Administration Minister Renato Brunetta said during an interview with Italian radio.

His demand for new legislation came after an Italian court told divorced father Giancarlo Casagranda that unless he resumed paying $510 a month to his 32-year-old daughter Marina, who lives with her mother, and coughed up $17,100 in arrears, his assets would be confiscated. That stipend was first set in 1997, when Casagranda split from his wife. But he stopped making payments two years ago, believing his daughter was old enough to look after herself.

The bizarre case was brought by Casagranda’s ex-wife, who was able to draw on a Supreme Court ruling that parents, even if separated or divorced, are obliged to pay for their children’s upkeep “until they are self-sufficient.”

Disconcertingly, few young Italian adults fit that description today. While youngsters traditionally quit the family nest later in Italy than in other European nations, job insecurity and soaring unemployment — almost 30 percent of 16- to 24-year-olds are out of work — has sent numbers of stay-at-homers to record levels. According to the daily La Stampa, almost 60 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds live with their folks, compared with the European Union average of 29 percent. The newspaper added that about a quarter of those children lived with their parents because they were students, while 50 percent did so “for economic reasons.”

read the whole thing here

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