I’m not sure why I haven’t sent folks to visit Andy’s blog before.  He’s a local pastor, serving Prince George Church in Georgetown.  He has even visited Trinity, where he was  a guest teacher on our marriage night.  I’ve excerpted a great little post he wrote a few weeks ago on Luke 14.7-11.  Go on over and pay him a visit

Luke 14:7-11 tells us that Jesus is at a party, a dinner party and he has noticed something – people wanted the places of honor at the banquet. Now, in this setting people did not sit at tables, but reclined, and those places closest to the host were the places of honor. People wanted the places of honor so that they could show their importance. So Jesus tells a parable – a story.

Jesus says that instead of taking the highest seat, and risk humiliation because a more distinguished guest may arrive, you should take the lowest place, so that the host may move you up.

But is Jesus just giving us a great scheme to allow us to get honored at parties – the key is take the lowest place and then wait to get bumped up to a higher seat and you get honored and everyone wins?

No, Jesus is not providing a scam to enable us to climb the social ladder covertly, because the flaw in the plan is what happens if we take the lowest seat expecting to be bumped up and the host never comes to us; we just remain in the lowest seat.  If our motive is to take the seat simply to get moved up, and the host does not move you up, we would sit there seething, angry and humiliated.

That is the key to the story – we are to take the lowest seat without expectation of moving up. We take the lowest seat willingly, happy to remain there, not threatened or worried by issues of status or position. And in taking the lowest seat, we are by our actions lifting others higher than ourselves, happy for them to take the places of honor.

Jesus’ parable is not just about humility, it is also about witness – taking the lowest seat witnesses to those at the party; about what is important in a persons life; about where a persons security is based and about Christ. It makes a statement.

read the whole thing here

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