Iain Boyd: Final devotion for Philippians study and further reading

Posted: November 19, 2009 by limabean03 in Anglican Communion, Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Christianity, Philippians, The Christian Life, Thought and Practice in the Diocese of South Carolina, Trinity Tidings, Uncategorized

We will be taking a brief hiatus from our Philippians devotionals.  They will be starting back on the week of Jan 10th.  In the meantime, I would encourage you to find some way of reading the Bible on your own.  Let me propose three different methods:

a.  Essential 100 Bible Readings:  This list runs through some of the key points in the thematic development of the Bible.  If you were to read through these 100 passages a few times, reading one of them a day, you would begin to have a solid grasp on the flow of the Bible.

b.  Scripture Union also has some great devotionals.  Many people have been using something along the lines of Forward Day by Day or Our Daily Bread for years.  The problem with these devotionals is that you don’t actually read much of the Bible.  Scripture Union’s devotionals provide systematic ways to read through parts of the Bible.  You could either do their Advent devotional “Journey to Bethlehem,” or one of their bible study guides like Discovery or Encounter with God

c.  Through the Bible in a Year.  This would take a little more effort than following the daily devotionals online.  The payoff, however, is tremendous.  I use the Discipleship Journal, but you could use the One Year Bible, McCheyne’s Bible Reading Plan.  You could even use the Episcopal Daily Lectionary.  It is helpful because all the readings are bite sized.  However, you won’t read the whole Bible, and sometimes the readings are from the Catholic Apocryphal readings, which we don’t consider inspired Scripture.  Whatever you do, don’t let the pattern God has formed in you in the past weeks slip away!  Capitalize off of it and use it as a launch pad to get you set on a life time course of daily spending time alone with God!

Click here to read the final devotional for this series

  1. metamorphmind says:

    Rob, thank you for recognizing my strong ability as a blogger. However, the blog post on my page links through to all the different devotionals. Those of you who want some ideas for advent devotionals should definitely visit http://www.trinitylearning.wordpress.com.

  2. Donna Dickson says:

    Can you recommend a good devotional to read prior to studying Phillipians. I have a few minutes prior to my bible study class that I would like to make an impact. THank you kindly.

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