David Anderson: The elephant in the room (or Diocese if you will…)

Posted: September 28, 2009 by limabean03 in Anglican Communion, Thought and Practice in the Diocese of South Carolina

Below is an excerpt from a letter by Bishop David Anderson of the AAC. In the paragraph below he bluntly lays out the big elephant in the room in the Diocese of S.C. No doubt some people will be offended by Bishop Anderson’s remarks, but in my opinion they are reality. There are tough times in store for the Diocese of S.C. in the coming months. Please do pray for your clergy and most of all pray for Bishop Lawrence to continue to navigate these incredibly choppy waters.

In the Diocese of South Carolina, there is a dilemma. Some congregations are ready to bolt, even though they have an orthodox bishop, +Mark Lawrence. If Bishop Lawrence is willing to take SC out of TEC, he has the SC courts to back him, and it seems that almost all of his parishes would follow him. If he chooses to stay and TEC continues on its present trajectory, he risks seeing a steady erosion of some of his larger parishes. This in time would leave him with the remaining balance tilted toward the more liberal parishes who want to stay in TEC, significantly reducing his options. Our take on the situation is that the strategic time for Bishop Lawrence to act is in the next three or four months, and if he sends a clear message that departure consideration is on the table, most of his parishes would wait for him. Bishop Lawrence has done one of the best analysis of the wreck of the Episcopal Church by current liberal leaders, and he is widely known to be solidly orthodox. It may be that this is a Kairos moment that has now been presented to him. Pray for him earnestly.

read the whole letter here

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