Hey you! Why not come out of retirement?

Posted: July 16, 2009 by limabean03 in Christianity, The Christian Life

“Most men don’t die of old age, they die of retirement. I read somewhere that half of the men retiring in the state of New York die within two years. Save your life and you’ll lose it. Just like other drugs, other psychological addictions, retirement is a virulent disease, not a blessing.” -Ralph Winter in The Retirement Booby Trap

lance armstrong

After nearly four years off the bike, seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has returned to professional cycling. He currently sits only eight seconds off the race lead with two weeks racing remaining

If you are retired, or thinking of retiring I’m writting this post to convince you that retirement would be a very bad idea.  I’m not saying that closing out your job and drawing a pension is a bad idea.  Rather, I’m saying that closing out your job and drawing a pension so that you could travel, play golf, and live out your remaining years in great comfort would be a bad idea.  Why?  Because, to be quite frank you’ve got more to offer than that.  And I also believe that you need to offer more than for your physical and spiritual well-being.  And most importantly it is a joy to serve Jesus Christ at every stage of life, not merely in your youth.  I’m enormously grateful for the faithful retirees at Trinity Church who give their time, talent, and money to serve the church and the city.  Recently I stumbled across one more avenue where retirees seeking to make a difference can apply themselves. It’s  called The Finisher’s Project.

Here is an excerpt from their vision statement:

To see thousands of North American adults become involved in global impact for God.

The Finishers Project is a movement to provide information, challenge, and pathways for people to join God in His passion for His glory among the nations. That over 80 sending and mission service organizations have joined the Finishers Project is testimony to the fact that after 2000 years it is still true the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few.

While there is no attempt to limit what the Lord might do, the language of the Finishers Project is directed to the boomer generation. Boomers are and will be the healthiest and best-educated generation of empty-nesters ever. While the idealism of youth is gone, This generation still wants to make a difference and change our world.

All adult generations in North America are skilled and resourced with a multitude of talents. The question we must ask ourselves is how many of the ten talents we have been given, will we give back to Jesus.  We can choose to either give them to Jesus to lay up as treasure in Heaven or lose them.

From scripture, we learn that the expectations of Jesus are not for us to simply live the American dream, die, and go to heaven. We must be accountable. To church leaders in Corinth Paul wrote:

For all of us must appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so each may receive recompense for what has been done in the body, whether good or evil. (2 Cor 5:10)

I urge you therefore, fellow believers, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice… (Rom 12:1)

For those who wish to be more than indifferent with their lives, there is plenty of opportunity to make a difference.

The Finishers Project is a safe place to explore options for investing in treasure in heaven.

The Finishers Project is simply one avenue among many where retired men and women can commit themselves to making a difference for Jesus Christ in this stage of their life.  Who knows?  The finest accomplishment of your life may very well come after you’ve retired.  Go check them out here.  I would be interested in discussing this with anyone at Trinity who may find this appealing.

  1. Interesting post. It depends on your age if you should come out of retirement or not. If you are into your 60’s I think you have earned a retirement. Its about time to move into a senior living community where you can enjoy your later years but not necessarily move into a nursing home. You can still have the freedom to golf or visit your children and grandchildren and its all for very affordable prices.

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