The American South: A Church Boneyard

Posted: July 9, 2009 by limabean03 in Current Issues, Thought and Practice in the Diocese of South Carolina

Check out this map of “religious adherents” in the U.S. I was surprised to see that one of the fastest declining areas for “religious adherents” in the country is on the shores of South Carolina.

church decline

check it out here

  1. Jim says:

    While Calvin spoke to his generation, who speaks to our current contemporary generation? Calvin may resonate with the a small well informed and educated group today, however the larger issue is who can preach the scripture and capture the imagination and spiritual potential of today’s 30-40 year olds. I don’t think Calvin does it…. Perhaps the Christian message needs a contemporary spokes-person that can ignite a resurgence in spirituality here in the Southeast. I think Rob Sturdy is just the man……Perhaps Calvin and the reform message may be part of the equation later, but in the early stages of evalgelism, a simple and straight forward pesentation may be all that is needed to engage a population eager to satisfy a hunger for inner peace and salvation.

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