Hooray! 500 Years of John Calvin

Posted: June 22, 2009 by limabean03 in Christian Theology, Christianity, Reformation Theology, Reformed Theology

monergism.com has put together a great reading to get better acquainted with the 500 year old reformer.  I’ve listed a few of my personal favorites below.  What not used the remainder of 2009 to pick one of these guys up and see what all the fuss is about?  Each book is linked to the site where it can be purchased from monergism.com.

Institutes of the Christian Religion:  This two volume set is surprisingly accessible, even for an “armchair” theologian.  It was after all the best selling book in Europe for nearly a decade.  Not only is it a good introductory work on theology, it is a must read for any person who considers himself a serious student of theology. 

Calvin’s Commentaries (22 Volume Set):  For 22 volumes this set is a bargain at $129.99.  I was recently asked what commentaries I would most recommend to the aspiring preach and without hesitation I put this set forward.  Probably a bit much for lay people, nevertheless if you can shell out the bucks it is every bit as accessible as the Institutes. 

Sermons on Job:  A masterpiece on human suffering and the sovereignty of God.

The Piety of John Calvin: A collection of his spiritual prose, poems and hymns:  written by Ford Lewis Battles who is considered the authority for Calvin studies in North America (and possibly the world?).  This is a fine introduction to the heart of the reformer.

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