Concerning the Wild Fires in Myrtle Beach

Posted: April 23, 2009 by limabean03 in Anglican Communion, Thought and Practice in the Diocese of South Carolina

Beloved in Christ,

As many of you will now know the communities west of the waterway and north of The Farm development have been ravaged by a massive wildfire that has destroyed near 100 homes and displaced many families.  As of 2:00 a.m. last night (4-23-09) the development at Barefoot Landing was evacuated.  Trinity, it’s staff and parishioners are by God’s grace o.k. for the time being.   Please continue to pray for the law enforcement, firefighters, and Red Cross folks.  Pray also that the Lord will calm the winds, prevent the fire from advancing any further and protect the homes of the many families in its path. 

I have offered to the Red Cross and the local relief efforts any and all of our facilities, staff, and volunteers. God has given us tremendous facilities that we are blessed to offer.  We are currently on the list of shelters and are waiting for the Red Cross to assess our facilities to see how many people we could host.  In addition to this I am encouraging you to open spare bedrooms and available space for displaced families.  You may never be called upon to offer this service, nevertheless if you are willing I would like to know.  If you are able to contribute in this way or any other way please click  here so that we can compile a list of what we might be able to offer. 

Many of you have called and asked what you could contribute to the relief effort.  To be honest it is too soon to tell.  Nevertheless, we have established a separate fund called “Trinity Wildfire Relief Fund” and are accepting checks which will be held until a clear relief effort emerges.  The Red Cross will be an obvious recipient of most (if not all) of these funds, however the money will be spent as your elected vestry determines.   

If the Red Cross determines the need of an additional shelter and Trinity is called upon I am confident that you will demonstrate the grace of Christ in extravagent gestures of service and generosity and will be prepared to serve at a moment’s notice.  As always, the clergy and staff are prepared to lead by example in this endeavor. 

For non-members of Trinity that are blog readers you can contribute to this effort by writting a check to:

Trinity Church
3000 N’ Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach S.C.

MEMO: Trinity Wildfire Relief Fund

You may call us for more info at 843-448-8426

Many Rich Blessings in Christ,

Rob Sturdy
Rector, Trinity Church Myrtle Beach

  1. neilrobbie says:

    We are praying with you for the Lord to act mercifully to calm the wind and flames. Your bro, Neil

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