Will Ferrel in Talladega Nights Prays Exclusively to the Baby Jesus of Christmas

Posted: December 6, 2008 by limabean03 in Film, Pop-Culture
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In this excerpt from the comedy “Talladega Nights” Will Ferrel’s character “Ricky Bobby” is asked to say the grace.  He prayers to the “little 8lb 6 oz. perfect newborn baby Jesus, in his perfect golden fleece diapers”.  It is an amusing clip that says loads about contemporary Christianity in North America.  Check it out!

For my take why not

This film says more about the way we view Jesus than most of us would like to admit. On one level, he is not the Jesus revealed in the Bible who existed in history, but he is the Jesus of our own imagination. We fashion him according to an image that we prefer and are comfortable with and then picture him showering us with money, success, and power. But is this the true Jesus? is this Jesus as he really was? In the Scriptures Jesus is shown as he actually is, a compelling figure far more satisfying than the Jesus of our imaginations. Why not check him out this week in one of the four Gospels?

  1. Thank you for sharing that… Sad but true.

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