When to take the patient off life support?

Posted: November 25, 2008 by limabean03 in Christianity, Current Issues
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Am I the only one here wondering why the good subjects of the Queen over in England are being asked to prop up failing churches? Churches who have had a hiccup in the past deserve a second chance, but churches with sustained decline should either hire a faithful, sharp, mission minded pastor and make the needed changes to reach the lost or be taken off life support and turned into a museum. From my experience, the biggest problem with the Church of England is the Church of England. They need to quit thinking about saving an institution and start thinking about the lost in their own country

The number of churches in Britain is forecast to fall from by a fifth in a generation, from 48,500 now to only 39,200 in 2030. There is currently a shortfall of around £80 million each year for vital repairs to churches, according to English Heritage, leaving many parishes struggling.

“I genuinely recognise that there is an issue here that we would do well as a country to face up to and see if we can come up with some imaginative ways of helping communities rally around these important buildings,” said Mr Burnham.

P.S., don’t you just love the line about “saving buildings.” This of course was the prime concern of our Lord Jesus

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