To Hell with it… (or) why Americans are losing their belief in Hell

Posted: August 19, 2008 by limabean03 in Christianity, Contemporary Theology, Hell, Uncategorized
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is it hot down there?

is it hot down there?

Reasoning from their own experience and emotions, rather than from the Bible, many who call themselves evangelicals are just deciding that a “good” God would not send persons to hell — at least not anyone they know.

Undoubtedly, much of this can be traced to currents in the larger culture, where non-judgmentalism, a therapeutic view of life, and a thoroughly modern view of fairness lead many to reject hell as a place of everlasting torment and punishment for those who never come to faith in Christ.

As Professor Segal observed, “They believe everyone has an equal chance, at this life and the next.”  Thus, “hell is disappearing, absolutely.”

That this is true within the culture at large is not surprising.  But when those who claim identity as evangelical Christians begin to modify the doctrine, this should set off alarms.

No doctrine stands alone.  There is no way to modify belief in hell without modifying the Gospel itself, for hell is an essential part of the framework of the Gospel and of the preaching of Jesus.  Hell cannot be remodeled without reconstructing the Gospel message.

Here is a sobering thought:  Hell may disappear from the modern mind, but it will not disappear in reality.  God is not impressed by our surveys.

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  1. Usama says:

    The way the Gospel gets reconstructed is a great point.

    The flaws in the Pew questions are shown up front and show the work that must be done to reassert to people we are not “GOOD”, and me,we,and us deserve Hell right from the get go. This is what people don’t like because Pelagius lives on today.

  2. Damián Gajardo says:

    The greatest trick of the Devil, is to make us beleive he doesn´t exist. We usually blame God for every bad thing there is because he is the good guy, but, if we beleive that there is no hell, so why would also be a heaven?, my point is, that either ( Hell or Heaven) for me are a reward for our actions in this life. God makes the rules, the devil is trying to fullfill those rules with lies for his own purposes, which are to doom mankind, the only way he can “hurt” God is through his creation “Humans”.

    James 1:5 Ask for wisdom…

    The Devil is against God, but God already judged him, we are in the middle, choose your side.

  3. zeb says:

    i know that there is a hell and heaven but i think we desuve to go to heaven i think we should get a second chance but i think every think happens for gods own reason

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  6. Usama says:

    why do we deserve to go to heaven?

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